Ciao!! :D
I'm a Pink Panther from Italy.
I love Naruto and Sakura and I think that they are perfect togheter, sweet and fun :D
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In the Italian opening of the first series of Naruto there is the phrase: “But the edelweiss (a flower) of my dreams is Sakura and sooner or later I’ll wipe her eyes with my first kisses. “
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Come on, the adventure continues!

Is something wrong, Naruto?

Is something wrong, Naruto?

Ps. Honetsly, I only see one girl as great as Kushina.

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defining yamanaka ino (x)

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Heaven x Earth

Joey and Phoebe as shippers.

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I loved this chapter so much *u*

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Yellow and Pink/Red

1) Narusaku (Naruto)

2) Nalu (Fairy Tail)

3) Watanuki x Karuta  (Ino x Boku SS)

4) Alibaba x Morgiana ( Magi- The Labyrinth of Magic)

5) Kittan x Yoko (Gurren Lagann)

6) Gino x Kallen (Code Geass)

7) Libertà x Felicità (La Storia dell’Arcana Famiglia)

8 ) Minakushi (Naruto)




I very love this moment!! * *

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I will leave my son in your capable hands

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